Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

A fun American and British shared Memorial Day with Maryln Sue Ingraham Brady, Mike, Sue and Mary Ardington, and our Brit Kyle Skelton, soon to join the British Royal Navy as on officer.

We remember John Ardington, 1923 - 2014. Thank you for your service, and we miss you, 2nd wave D-day, replacement  and present at the surrender of Aachen, Germany, wounded with shrapnel Hurtgen Forest; John L. Magoon, Chaplain, Ft. Lewis WWI, Maryln's maternal grandfather;  Walter Ronald Ingraham, Kelso Recruitment Officer WWII,  Kyle's great grandfather was gassed and invalided home, WWI; Kyle's grandfather, Officer of the WWII Royal Navy, trained in Canada; Kyle's Grandma Florence Ward was a "Land Girl" and made propellers for WWWII; Byron Eugene Brady, U.S. Navy pilot 1956 - 1958. Thanks for our freedom. Thanks to those who serve for our freedom today.