Sunday, January 4, 2015

Inner Peace? 1/5-2015

American Poet Laureate, Maya Angelou once wrote in a memoir, that she was working on being a Christian. "Right on Maya" I thought when I read that. Maya's words have  stuck with me.  I have always thought about my walk with Jesus that way. I am imperfect, I am working at being a Christian. Many in the world are turned off by the holier than thou rhetoric of "I AM a Christian". Most people in the world can agree with the desire to work for oneness with God. It is a bond that could bring people together, rather than fracture and fragment a society or global society. Thanks Maya, for so many life lessons. I call your name, and I too am working on being a Christian. 


  1. Bravo for keeping up NaBloPloMo! I unfortunately can't get a feed on to my Blogger reader for your blog (although you are on Blogger...) Is this something you need to set up?

  2. Wait, yay, it works now! At first it didn't...